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An important role is played by ruling Planets in any specific event such as marriage, birth of child, travel, job, business, promotion, recovery of health etc. In fact these planets ca be called out as signification of effective houses that affect our life up to a great deal. All these come under the wonderful branch of Verdict Astrology. The planets, their positions and their movements can be studies through Horoscopes.

A horoscope is a passport for the native at the time of birth and it is an indentation of one existence on this earth. A horoscope is precisely the assembly of basic placements of planets at the time of birth in a diagrammatic format called horoscope chart. There are basic differences in practices in casting birth charts by Indian Verdict, Western, Greek, and Chinese System etc. Effective astrological techniques are applied to assess free horoscopes and to make astrologers able to give accurate predictions pertaining to astrological issues. The natal chart or horoscope is the most important chart on which astrological predictions are made. It can also be referred to as a map of the sky and the planets at a certain moment of a person's birth. The planets move along the path of the ecliptic. To specify their positions at the time of birth, or any moment of time, a reference point is needed to identify the position of planets in relation to the earth. This reference point is the point of intersection between the path of the ecliptic and the equatorial horizon.

When horoscope readings are made, it is important to realize that planetary positions are gauged in relation to both the zodiac signs and the asteroids. There are many methods of charting the horoscope houses. Horoscope charts are circular, some rectangular, some like formations and others in geometrical forms but they all represent the 360 degree of the celestial horizon. The horoscope or natal chart consists of twelve houses. Each house of horoscope has been divided into sections and each section is associated with various deities as a specific purpose. A comprehensive study of free horoscope reading can reveal a new relationship between astrologers and the individual who really need an astrological interpretation of his/her horoscope chart. On the basis of professionally meditation of free horoscope reading our deft and proficient astrologers study the astronomical diagram and enter decipher the realm of spiritual predictions and the effect of the various planets intruding upon the native. The reading is also done on the basis of daily horoscope reading, weekly horoscope reading and others also.

Horoscope is used as a method of divination regarding events relating to the point in time it represents and forms the basis of the horoscope traditions of astrology. It often refers to an astrologer's interpretation based upon calendar significance of an event. The concept of horoscope in the India Verdict system is by far the most accurate and sophisticated method of astrological predictions.

We ponder each and every detail with great deliberations regarding all the aspects of a free horoscope reading through our astrological services. All these are taken care of in tandem to maintain the goodness of native related to prosperity or power, health or harmony and misfortunes or family affairs. Many natives also get their love horoscope read to find out about their love compatibilities and its resultants.

We provide free horoscope that are Hand made as well as Computer generated. Our services of free horoscope is rendered after close scrutiny by our on-the-panel astrologers that put deliberations by studying free Birth Chart, Placement of Planets, Dasha Calculations etc. This is done to identify native's general Events of his Life, Education prospects, his/her sources of Income, Family Life and Health. There is also suggestion of suitable remedies that are positively going to solve all the problems.

What Are Pet Horoscopes?

You've heard of horoscopes, but have you ever heard of pet horoscopes? Many people believe that the position of planets and stars have a tremendous impact on the actions and events within our daily lives. Those who ascribe to this belief also understand that those impacts have an effect on all life, not just human life. This means that the position of planets and stars can impact the lives of our pets as well!

To determine the sign of your pet, just compare the month that your pet was born to the dates on the pet horoscope guide. Each range of dates has its own unique sign, identical to human astrological signs.

Where to Find Pet Horoscopes
Pet horoscopes are very unique because a pet's life is obviously quite different than a human's, with different concerns, desires, fears, and hopes. Reading your pet's weekly horoscope can be great fun - just as much fun as reading your own. However, since pet horoscopes are not quite as common as human horoscopes, they can be a little more difficult to find. Below are several websites that list horoscopes for pets every week.

Petroscopes for Pet Horoscopes
Petroscopes for Pet Horoscopes is a great website focused solely on providing both weekly and yearly pet horoscopes. The main page features the yearly horoscope for each zodiac sign.

Here's an example of a yearly pet horoscope from

"Taurus: Taurus is entering a difficult and tiring period. In spite of his natural cautiousness, your Taurus pet may seem so exhausted at times that you feel it necessary to take him to see the local vet. You may also notice your pet exhibiting signs of loneliness - try to give him as much affection as you can."

This website features some great yearly pet horoscopes, but make note of the fact that the weekly horoscopes are not always updated in a very timely manner.

VPI Pet Insurance
The VPI Pet Insurance Company (yes, there really is such a thing as pet insurance!) provides timely and updated pet horoscopes. The page for 2008 summarizes the year for all pets as follows:

"This year, pets will discover their role as a constant companion is an important one. In 2008, Mother Nature will play a part in pets' lives throughout the four seasons."

The horoscope section of this website also offers a "Pet Education Center" that includes sections on "First Aid For Your Pet", "First Time Pet Owners", and "Pet Toxins & Poisons". The website offers a brief horoscope blurb on the main page, and a link for each zodiac sign to a more comprehensive prediction page.

Clicking on the link for the prediction page for any of the signs brings you to a page that describes the personality of that sign (a very fun read, to compare it to your pet's personality), as well as the effects of astrological events on the life of your pet during each season of the year. The website is laid out very well, organized cleanly and with very fun graphics.

Cat's Central
Cat's & Kittens Central provides a fun web page called Winky's Pet Horoscopes, which is focused primarily on cats. The page touts Winky's Pet Horoscopes as "The Internet's #1 Feline Astrologer!" This web page allows you to view your cat's monthly horoscope. If you don't know your cat's exact birthday, Winy says you can simply use the day your pet came into your life.

Each page for the monthly horoscope of each sign features an adorable photo of a cat given the title the zodiac sign "of the Month." The horoscopes themselves are tailored specifically for cats and very fun to read. For example, Aries for this month reads:

"The moon is set to eclipse Pluto this month, but you needn't worry yourself about that - after all, Pluto was a badly drawn cartoon dog and you, being of the feline persuasion, are far removed from such things."

The humor and wit is great. The website, overall, is somewhat amateurish in design, but it isn't overrun by ads and it's very easy to navigate. The well-written horoscopes are definitely the star of the show at this site.

Nikky's Pet Profiles Another unique way to commemorate your pet and his or her zodiac sign is through a painted pet portrait utilizing an astrology theme and integrating the pet's zodiac sign. Pet portraits are very popular and sweeping the country. Nikky Hughes, of Los Angeles, offers amazing pet portraits that utilize unique backgrounds and themes. She is always happy to do portraits on request, and a pet's zodiac sign would easily fit into the creative and witty existing portfolio of pet portraits that are displayed at her website.

Nikky was classically trained at the Mission Renaissance art school, and she focuses on capturing not only the beauty, but the unique character of each animal. There are more ways to enjoy horoscopes than simply reading them each day - feature your cat in a beautiful painted portrait that incorporates the zodiac, and you have an astrological masterpiece that will last a lifetime.